hand rolled beeswax candles - honeycomb



for lovers of beeswax candles, our honeycomb range features beeswax

candles in their most natural form.

these beautiful candles are made in australia from 100% australian beeswax.

a beeswax candle acts as a natural ioniser, purifying the air of dust, ocours,

pollens, toxins and mildew. they emit a lovely, light honey aroma.

each candle is hand painted with non-toxic pigments and hand rolled with pure cotton wicks.

the honeycomb range comes in the natural colour of beeswax - a light caramel colour - which complements all the other beeswax candles making a warm, natural addition to any home.

as well as 'barrel' style candles, the Honeycomb range features dinner party tapers

(see under kitchen) which, like all Queen B candles burn drip free in a draft

free environment - leaving your table free from wax spills and drips.

10cm tall narrow : $25
15cm tall narrow : $35
20cm tall narrow : $40
10cm medium width : $40