Acknowledgement of Country : Regional

Acknowledgement of Country : Regional

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Wanjoo, wanjoo!

This art print by Emily at The Little Press came from the listening, learning and self enquiry, sparked by the recent Black Lives Matter movement. She wanting to make something to encourage research and respect here in Australia, to help dismantle systemic racism in modern Australian culture.

100% of print sales are donated to Seed Mob (, Australia's first Indigenous youth climate network.

  • Larger A6 region print 105 x 148mm. This will be sent blank, for you to research and fill in the names of the peoples and region.

  • Printed in small batches here on Whadjuk boodja

“The “Welcome To Country” is a Protocol for welcoming visitors to Country have been a part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures for thousands of years. Despite the absence of fences or visible borders, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clans had clear boundaries separating their Country from that of other clans. Crossing into another tribes Country required a request for permission to enter. When permission was granted the hosting tribe would welcome the visitors, offering them safe passage and protection of their spiritual being during the journey. While visitors were provided with a safe passage, they also had to respect the protocols and rules of the land owner’s tribe while on their Country.” From the City Of Femantle website.