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Australian Beeswax Candles . Jam Jar Tealights

Australian Beeswax Candles . Jam Jar Tealights

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When the QueenB and Joost Bakker collaborate, this is what happens. Gorgeous Jam Jar tealights. 

This box contains two jars and nine candles. Made of 100% pure Australian beeswax and a pure cotton wick. No fragrances, paraffin, soy or palm wax nor other harmful ingredients.

They burn for 4 - 5 hours each (the wick is chosen to burn to the specific width of our jam jar... a bigger jar and it won't consume all the wax... a smaller jar and you'll get smoking and soot).

Measures : 3.4cm high x 4cm wide

A beeswax candle acts as a natural ioniser, purifying the air of dust, odours,
pollens, toxins and mildew. They emit a lovely, light honey aroma.

Made in Sydney from 100% Australian beeswax. Pure cotton wicks. 

Packaged in QueenBs fully recyclable stylish white box. 

Candles love company... never leave them burning alone.
Wax is extremely hot when molten, please do not move or touch.
Always burn candles on a fireproof and heat safe surface.
Please take care burning candles around your pets and littlies.
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