Bingo Australia!
Bingo Australia!
Bingo Australia!
Bingo Australia!
Bingo Australia!

Bingo Australia!

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Crikey by jingo, it’s bingo with dingoes!

Bingo Australia captures the essence of Australia in this wonderful board game while enjoying the rich and rare beauty of Australian wildlife. It’s an adventure not to be missed.

There's lots to learn through play getting to know the breadth of Australian wildlife. Ideal to play as a family as it's great for all ages and there's a fascinating fact booklet included. No screens involved!

Game Contains:

✔ 1 game board
✔ 12 bingo play cards
✔ 64 animal tiles
✔ 180 tokens
✔ 1 bag
✔ 1 Australian booklet: How to play & interesting facts

Spy scorpions in the sunburnt outback. Hark at the sound of the laughing king of the bush. Wonder at the slithering snakes in the lush tropical rainforests! And, if you’re game, take a dip with a great white shark in the sparkling Pacific Ocean.

You’ll learn about some of Australia’s most recognisable faces. They’re featured in 64 delightful hand-drawn images, created by an award-winning Australian artist.

This is a fun and educational game, perfect for nature lovers, young and old. Whether you’re a seasoned sun bronzed Aussie or just visiting, you’ll fall in love with this wonderful selection of beautiful and bizarre animals.

Fill up your card and get ready to shout BINGO!

It’s a ripper game, mate!