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Silk Pillowcase . Tjala Dreaming

Silk Pillowcase . Tjala Dreaming

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Get your best nights sleep with the Tjala Dreaming Silk 1P Pillowcase.

Michelle is a rising star of the Ernabella Arts studio. Michelle’s painting Tjala (Honey Ant) Dreaming depicts how the tjala (honey ants) tunnel though the sandy soil. Women dig up the tjala and then suck the delicious rich honey-like liquid from their distended abdomen.

Made from 100% mulberry silk, this pillowcase features rich and earthy tones with a mix of cream, brown, red, purple and pink. 

Tjala Dreaming (Honey Ant) © Michelle Lewis, Licensed by Copyright Agency.

100% mulberry silk 22 momme single pillowcase.

Invisible zip side opening.

Available in 1P single (a single standard size pillowcase). Not available in a pair set.

Ethically made in China. Proudly carbon neutral. 

Established in 1948, Ernabella Arts is Australia’s oldest continuously running Indigenous Art Centre and one of the most artistically diverse in the country. Ernabella Arts and Kip&Co divide all profits from the collaboration equally, so 50% of profits will return to Ernabella Arts.

Tjala Dreaming (Honey Ant) © Michelle Lewis, Licensed by Copyright Agency.


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