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Duster Kimono Robe . Castles In The Air

Duster Kimono Robe . Castles In The Air

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Based on a lush and magical painting from the 1600’s by artist Jan Brueghel titled “Imaginary Landscape”, this kimono is a true flight of fancy! Using Brueghel’s masterpiece, we layered in elements from French artist Hubert Robert, including the classical ruins and a girl swinging joyfully through the trees. To add even more richness, we trimmed the entire design in vintage painterly florals. The resulting piece is full of imagination and depth, just like a beautiful dream

Dress it up or down — either way, expect compliments, lots of them. 

Gentle handwash and hang to dry.

Made of 100% bamboo/wood viscose.

Approximate measurements: length 92cm , width 110cm.


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