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Duster Kimono Robe . Friendship, Love and Truth

Duster Kimono Robe . Friendship, Love and Truth

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It takes a bold heart to live your truth. To keep reminding yourself that love is the answer, even on your hard days! This eclectic, super cool opera-length kimono from an 1880s print unearthed in a library archive, and adapted the utterly charming wood-grain lettering to build the trim. The result is one of our favourite pieces in the collection: beautiful and completely unique, with a lot of romance, and a touch of rock and roll.

Dress it up or down. Wear it out or keep it as your home hangouts — either way, expect compliments, lots of them. 

Gentle handwash and hang to dry.

Made of 100% bamboo/wood viscose.

Approximate measurements: length 116cm, width 73 cm.

Model is 5’5” 

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