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Earrings . Mini Perle Asymetric

Earrings . Mini Perle Asymetric

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The Mini Perle Earring is a fun and modern style with organically-shaped pearl beads on drop chains. Designed to be worn across two piercings in the same ear, the mix-and-match earrings create an asymmetrical look. 

  • A fun, lightweight style for daytime or evening wear
  • Features organically shaped pearl beads on drop chains
  • Designed to be worn across 2 earring holes
  • Each earring has a different amount of beads to create an asymmetrical look
  • Titanium earring posts


Acrylic pearl beads on an iron chain with titanium post and brass butterfly backing

This piece is made using a combination of metal and acrylic beads. We use a variety of techniques to make this piece, include casting, polishing and high-quality plating. The result is a super light, fine finish.

The metal used in ELK jewellery is nickel free and meets the EU REACH standards.


Chain Lengths: Shorter Chain - 6cm,

Longer Chain - 7.1cm

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