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Earrings . Ranna . White

Earrings . Ranna . White

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An update on a popular Elk style, the Ranna Hoop has been handcrafted from Timber with each abstract wooden bead thread onto a hoop creating a stacked effect.

  • Fastens with a wire hook
  • Timber grown in managed plantations
  • Lightweight


    Wood, brass wire

    This jewellery piece was hand made by skilled artisans in the Philippines, using mamalis timber (Pittosporum Pentandrum), also known as white wood or pangantoon. The timber was grown in the Philippines in managed plantations. Each wooden bead is hand turned and custom dyed, followed with a natural wax polish for surface protection.

    Wood is a renewable and biodegradable material.


    Colours may fade if stored in direct sunlight. Avoid moisture, including beauty products and water. Most marks can be removed using ELK’s jewellery wax.

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