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Handmade Ceramic Christmas Ornament . Gingerbread Man

Handmade Ceramic Christmas Ornament . Gingerbread Man

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Looking good enough to eat, this ceramic gingerbread ornament is a happy addition to any Christmas tree.

Lovingly handmade in Brisbane, Australia this ornament is made using Australian terracotta, each one patterned using an antique french pastry roller and hand drawn stamps for the eyes and buttons. Each ornament is stamped and then hand-painted with white underglaze and not glazed so as to appear like the real thing, just inedible of course. This also leaves the raw clay back available to write on with a Fine Artliner should you choose. The ornament has a ribbon for hanging.

The ornament has a red and white ribbon for hanging or tying.

Please note: this is a handmade item and any imperfections are part of the beauty that is handmade. All of the work is cut, stamped and painted one by one. 

Measures approximately 8cm x 6cm.

every christmas my parents gave me an ornament . . .
when i left home i took with me
an eclectic and beautiful collection
that still decorate my tree to this day
this ceramic ornament
is handmade with that same spirit
of memory and love – kylie johnson

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