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Kinto Pourover Stand And Coffee Gift Set

Kinto Pourover Stand And Coffee Gift Set

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An elegant way to brew a delicious cup of coffee, the Kinto Pourover Carafe and Coffee Gift Set makes a beautiful option to spoil a caffeine-keen loved one.

Kinto's Set includes a 700ml glass jug teamed with a stainless steel filter holder and stand that's as much a design feature for your kitchen as a practical coffee maker. Simply place a cotton paper filter in the holder, add your coffee and slowly pour water, letting it flow into the serving jug.

Now you'll also need some coffee to make the most of this lovely kit, which this Gift Set takes care of for you in the form of Melbourne roaster ACoffee's Yukro Filter Blend, ground and ready to make a magnificent brew. Roasted to suit the subtle style of coffee that pourover does so well, the Yukro's cherry, mixed berry and orange notes deliver a complex, detailed cup that you'll want to savour every sip of. And because it's already ground to suit pourover, you can simply measure it out and be making your coffee in no time.

Pourover coffee stand gift set
Includes Kinto Brewer Stand Set (4 cup capacity) and a 250g pack of filter-roasted coffee beans from ACoffee.
Pourover Stand Set designed in Japan and made in China. Coffee roasted in Melbourne, Australia.

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