Mini Pillar Candles
Mini Pillar Candles

Mini Pillar Candles

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What do you buy when you want a candle that is taller than a beeswax tea light candle?
Narrower than a solid beeswax pillar candle?
Wider than a Bee Light or beeswax taper candles?
And doesn't need to be burned in a container like beeswax votive candles and tealight candles?

You get a Mini Pillar candle!

Box of three.
They burn for 8 hours each.
Measures : 5cm high x 3.2cm wide

A beeswax candle acts as a natural ioniser, purifying the air of dust, odours,
pollens, toxins and mildew. They emit a lovely, light honey aroma.

Made in Sydney from 100% Australian beeswax.

Candles love company... never leave them burning alone.
Wax is extremely hot when molten, please do not move or touch.
Always burn candles on a fireproof and heat safe surface.
Please take care burning candles around your pets and littlies.