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Moleskine Drawing Pencil Set

Moleskine Drawing Pencil Set

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Graphite pencils are an satisfyingly tactile way to write and draw. With a range of shades and thicknesses to select from in this set, you'll never be left frustrated that you can't get that finish you want. 

Get creative and start drawing with a set of five graded graphite pencils with various intensities for a range of artistic and practical uses. Choose from full, rolling strokes that add shade and depth to your drawings, or fine, light lines that softly move across the sketch pad.

The set contains a H, HB, 2B, 4B and 6B pencil that is made from cedar wood with a quality graphite core and each has a fun command: chat, respire, quiet please, echo and rumble. Each pencil has a square cross section for an inspiring grip and each reacts differently to the page. This set comes in a black tin box and makes a great gift.

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