Vary bag
Vary bag
Vary bag

Vary bag

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This bag is stunning - from the oversized circular shape, the colours and the super sweet mandala. 

Designed in Australia, then handcrafted with quality raffia from scratch in their family workshop in Madagascar. They are committed to keeping all aspects of production in Madagascar, not only out of fairness but with respect to customs and laws. 

Measures : D45cm x W6cm.

All the goodness you need to know about Tanora...


Today, Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world. Tanora commits to an on-going effort to make sure that employees in their workshop in Madagascar is well-respected, fairly paid and over the age of 18. They actively encourage fairtrade work conditions in an effort to help the people of Madagascar find their own financial independence.


The weaving and crocheting of raffia is part of the traditional Madagascan handicraft culture. These ancestral techniques utilising traditional looms have become increasingly rare in the face of globalisation, as it has become cheaper to outsource and mass-produce products through modern machinery. An integral part of their mission is to maintain the human side and artistry of a craft native to Madagascar.


Raffia is one of the most sustainable materials in the fashion industry. The cultivation of raffia involves only the careful hand-pruning (rather than cutting) of the raffia palm, that way the footprint on the environment remains as minimal as possible. Whatever goes into their products is obtained responsibly and with a conscience. Our raffia is pruned at a minimum of 1.2 metres, ensuring that harvesting is non-disruptive and that the health of the palm is preserved.


Tanora is much more than buying and reselling in Australia. All their products are handcrafted from scratch in their workshop in Madagascar. They commit to a direct effort in keeping all aspects of production in Madagascar, not only out of fairness but with respect to customs and laws.


Since 2020 for each item sold, 10 trees will be planted! Read more about their wonderful planting partner.