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Woodless Graphite Pencils

Woodless Graphite Pencils

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When it comes to writing or designing, not just any pencil will do the trick. Karst's Woodless Pencils are made of solid graphite with a woodless body, meaning that they don't have to be sharpened nearly as often. They feature the same great feel and experience of writing with a traditional wood pencil without all of the frustration.

Not only do these pencils write incredibly well, they're also striking, which means that they appeal to creatives and professionals who want to look the part. The sleek design of the pencil, as well as the dark colour, helps it to stand out on a busy desk or when in a purse or bag.

Created by a BCorp® certified business.


  • Set of 5 woodless pencils
    2B hardness
    Length 142mm, Width 7mm.
    Made of pure graphite
    Easy to sharpen with any pencil sharpener
    Designed in Sydney, Australia


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