Footpath Gallery

We love to utilise our windows as a creative outlet. We’ve filled the window with dirt and grown cheap lawn seed, watching it sprout and grow out of control during spring time (I say cheap because it grew in a lovely shade of fluoro green!!). One time we had a super 8 film looped over reels ‘floating’ in the window. At night time the projector would play the film so passers-by could engage in a ‘Remedy Cinema’ experience with a soundtrack of John Cale.

We often provide a Footpath Gallery for the public and also invite artists to hijack our window space for a few weeks. Over the past years we’ve had all sorts of results, from whimsical to political, and everything in between.

Some of our previous contributors Andrew Hayim de-Vries; Tanya Schultz; Theo Koning; Stormie Mills; Aedan Howlett; Fleur Schell; John Harrison; Gillian T Bencke; Jodie Gray and our regular Christmas window contributor, the amazing Leon Hendroff.

From Stormie's window circa 2007