Giving to our Community

Over the years we have donated to many, many causes far and wide throughout the WA community. We aren’t in a position to do this anymore partly because we receive an overwhelming amount of requests  and we simply cannot give to all of the numerous charities, schools and organisations who approach us. The other part is that it's a bit like scattering seeds in the wind, you give them out and while they might make a little difference the potential for impact wasn't targeted to where we felt there was a great, if indeed there was any at all. 

We now choose to give if and when we can. We started a social enterprise with Patricia Giles Centre for Non-Violence to raise awareness and funds for family and domestic violence through education and awareness for prevention. 

Every Tuesday night Joe can be found at the Orange Sky van down in the Captain Munchies carpark in Freo. He's volunteered there for a few years now and enjoys engaging in conversation and assisting the homeless who need to wash their clothes and themselves.

You also partake in giving indirectly to many communities and artists when you purchase products from us. From cards through to clothing, many of our products are produced socially responsibly either here in Australia or internationally and provide great benefit to improves lives and even lifting up the next generation of women and children. If you'd like to know more, just ask.