Who is Remedy?

For more than two decades we've sourced socially and environmentally kind creations, ethically produced to make the every day more satisfying for you and sustainable for all.


Buy once, buy well.

Objects you’re excited to gift to others, or keep for yourself.

Emergence of beauty and practicality.

Products created from a respectful environment for a sustainable future.

We wanted to showcase the work of local artists by providing wall and window space. An ongoing exhibition inside. A footpath gallery outside.

Participate with us in the ‘slow consumption movement’; wander through, inhale, enjoy…



Left . Joe and our shop dog Winnie in 2002 just after opening. We no longer have pooch parking out front, they are all welcome in store to wander with their owners.

Right . Joe with our shop dog Alvy in 2022.

In 2002 we opened our doors in a small shopfront in a 'locals' area of Wray Avenue, Fremantle. We wanted to sell ‘beautiful creations’ that were designed and made by talented folk, predominantly Australian. We wanted to find everyday use items that were low impact on the planet, and the people making them. 

In 2004 we moved onto High Street, Fremantle to a larger premise in the heart of Fremantle.


L. Sunday Times Home cover of our childrens room

R. Melanie and Ellen in 2022 in the Business section of The West Australian newspaper. It seems that big business is still fascinated that you can make a sustainable business on all fronts... even as we find our way though the new abnormal post-Covid shut downs.

2008 saw us opening both our Online store and Leederville store, on the northern fringes of urban Perth where graffiti and grunge are embraced. 


Window by Maxxi May. Christmas window drawings by Nia.

Our windows have always been a creative outlet for us. We've featured many incredible artists including Fleur Schell, Maxxi May, Georgia Zoric and Stormie Mills.


Drawings above by artist and puppet maker Leon Hendroff who has become a dear friend. This window was After Every Winter... Comes a Spring.

We've also utilised our busy locations to make social and political  statements about topics like war and religion with John Harrison. A more recent window was our YES! for Marriage Equality window. In 2023 we will have our YES! to Voice For Parliament window. 

We have always welcomed everyone to our stores, that's what true community and society is.  

In 2020 we started Just Cause, a social enterprise to raise awareness of family and domestic violence, with Patricia Giles Centre for Non-Violence. With a lot of help from some beautiful friends we made something special happen. 


Above left is the incredible musician Stella Donnelly in our first campaign.

Above right is Joe and Melanie with our daughter Sofia in the 2021 campaign.

We hope this gives you a greater understanding of who we are and what we represent. Thanks for joining us on the ride.