Why Remedy?

In 2002 we opened our doors in a small shopfront in a 'locals' area of Fremantle. We wanted to sell ‘beautiful creations’ that were designed and made by talented folk, predominantly Australian. We wanted to find everyday use items that were low impact on the planet, and the people making them. 

A ceramic bowl that makes you wonder at its texture and subtle brush strokes; botanically aromatic skincare with minimal packaging and preservatives; a design so clever it makes you smile with amusement.

Buy once, buy well.

Objects you’re excited to gift to others, or keep for yourself.

Emergence of beauty and practicality.

Products created from a respectful environment for a sustainable future.

We wanted to showcase the work of local artists by providing wall and window space. An ongoing exhibition inside. A footpath gallery outside.

Participate with us in the ‘slow consumption movement’; wander through, inhale, enjoy…