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Australian Beeswax Candle . Glass Votive

Australian Beeswax Candle . Glass Votive

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The refill for the lovely Glass Votive. 

They burn for 15 hours each. Please note that a votive refill must be burned in a votive glass (not any other shape of holder). If they are not burned in a votive glass, they will drip and will not burn for 15 hours. You can find this candle with it's glass votive here.

Due to the width of this candle, it needs to be burned for a minimum of 2 hours each time it’s lit.

All candles, pure beeswax or toxic, need to be burned until the pool of wax reaches the outside edge! It’s an immutable law of physics. This is a requirement every(ish) time you light your candle.

As beeswax is extremely forgiving, if you blow them out sooner on occasion the candle should be able to play catch up.

There is no need with a beeswax candle to put it out once it reaches the outside edge, it should just continue to burn beautifully, without dripping, emitting a light honey aroma and a gorgeous warm ambience.

A beeswax candle acts as a natural ioniser, purifying the air of dust, odours, pollens, toxins and mildew. They emit a lovely, light honey aroma.

Made in Sydney from 100% Australian beeswax.

Candles love company... never leave them burning alone.
Wax is extremely hot when molten, please do not move or touch.
Always burn candles on a fireproof and heat safe surface.
Please take care burning candles around your pets and littlies.
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