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Bangle Set . Deca . Green White Paint Stripe

Bangle Set . Deca . Green White Paint Stripe

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The Deca Bangle Set features seasonal prints with one print-covered bangle and two solid, complementary colours. These bangles look great layered together, or in any combination. Style note: the print may vary slightly on each printed bangle, making each piece unique

This piece is handmade in Cebu, Philippines by a family-owned workshop called Earthworks who have collaborated with ELK since 2004. We have a wonderful relationship with the owner, Christine, who has become an (unofficial) part of our family. She runs an incredible business with a team made up mostly of women, with some great skills training and health program initiatives in place.


    Main: Wood

    This jewellery piece was hand made by skilled artisans in the Philippines, using mamalis timber (Pittosporum Pentandrum), also known as white wood or pangantoon. The timber was grown in the Philippines in managed plantations. Each wooden bead is hand turned and custom dyed, followed with a natural wax polish for surface protection.


    Internal Diameter: 6.5cm

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