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Card Multi Tool

Card Multi Tool

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With 23 functions in the size of a credit card, you can cover your bases without lugging the whole toolbox. With all it's features packed into the footprint of a credit card and almost as thick, there's no excuse to not be prepared. At less than 1oz, it's the perfect addition to your wallet.

The M.010 Credit Tool Card is equipped to tackle most tasks that comes your way, with 25 functions built into its tough, compact frame. It’s design features an ergonomic body with no exposed cutting edges and the same size as a credit card, perfect for wallet carry.

Imperial and metric wrench sets line the sides of the M.010, combined with the hardened 420 stainless steel body, you'll never be caught short.

The M.010 comes with a variety of tools. From a 1/4" hex drive socket to an integrated blade for trimming cords, fishing line or cable ties. The M.010 has the range to keep you sorted.

Measures . 85 x 53 x 3mm

Weighs . 27g

Material . 420C stainless steel


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