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Deco Globe Stud Earrings . Erin Lightfoot

Deco Globe Stud Earrings . Erin Lightfoot

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These snappy studs take inspiration from one of Erin's go-to inspiration pools, Art Deco style. They are painstakingly handprinted to achieve the coloured arcs.

“These are a little tricky to paint but we don't mind because the results look great. These ones are designed with my Mum in mind. She is an artful dresser with a preference for abstract studs”. - Erin 

  • Sterling Silver findings, Stained Porcelain, coloured underglaze, Gold lustre.

Gold finished pieces are painted with 24k gold glaze. We hand-paint the gold using the same technique used to decorate gold rimmed tea-cups. 

Handmade in Australia.

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