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Fleece Cardigan Kimono Jacket . I Dream In Flowers .

Fleece Cardigan Kimono Jacket . I Dream In Flowers .

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A riotous, painterly celebration of art and the natural world, this luxe cardigan is all at once romantic, ethereal, and so so cool. Inspired by the romance of European flower markets, we created the print using a masterful oil painting from the early 1600’s by artist Jan Brueghel, and an ink drawing of bumblebees found in a Victorian insect encyclopedia. It has the look of a treasured vintage piece that will never go out of style.

Crafted from cosy printed cotton & spandex and lined with super soft poly-fleece, this gorgeous jacket combines the warmth and comfort of a cardigan with the style and versatility. They are washable, and include patch pockets. 

Cotton/spandex blend outer, lined in poly fleece. Machine wash gentle or handwash, gently reshape and lay flat to dry.

Cardigan measurements: length approximately 65cm, width (across back, underarm to underarm) approximately 74cm. Model is 5’5” for reference.

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