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Hand Knitted Wool Puppy

Hand Knitted Wool Puppy

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This gorgeous creature is made by hand in a grassroots organisation created to  empower women in rural Kenya. They provide steady yet flexible work, paying fair wages. Beyond sustainable income, the women are also supported socially with health and wellbeing clinics, adult literacy and more for those who are pregnant or mature age. It is a workplace of respect, dignity with many connected threads of community. 

Having over 300 knitters and more than 200 dyers, every doll is lovingly created and a little unique to the women who created it. 

Made from beautiful local, organic, natural fibres, supporting the local farmers. With the material and making supply chain at hand they are able to produce, unique, sustainable and ethical goods. They use both AZO free dyes and natural plant dyes from plants grown in the area which add vibrant and colourful depth to designs.

Material . 100% homespun wool, eco-friendly natural plant dyes, hand knitted, filled with 100% new acrylic.

Measures . 18cm high


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