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Handmade Ceramic Christmas Ornament . Jingle All The Way!

Handmade Ceramic Christmas Ornament . Jingle All The Way!

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This christmas ornament was a collaboration with Brisbane artist, Stephen Mok.

Lovingly handmade in Brisbane, Australia our ornaments are created using cream/white earthenware clay with a gloss glaze on the front. Each ornament is stamped with red designs pressed into the clay. This also leaves the raw clay back available to write on with a Fine Artliner should you choose. 

The ornament has a white ribbon for hanging or tying.

Please note: this is a handmade item and any imperfections are part of the beauty that is handmade. All of the work is cut, stamped and painted one by one. 

Measures approximately 5cm x 10cm

every christmas my parents gave me an ornament . . .
when i left home i took with me
an eclectic and beautiful collection
that still decorate my tree to this day
this ceramic ornament
is handmade with that same spirit
of memory and love – kylie johnson

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