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Leather Artists Journal

Leather Artists Journal

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Handcrafted by third and fourth generation artisans you will feel inspired by the workmanship that has gone into creating this luxury all-in-one leather art journal.

It contains a first grade refillable cotton paper notebook for artists of all kinds. 

The 100% genuine leather journal is handmade with a section for multiple pens or pencils and it is all wrapped up with a soft leather strap. 

Whether you've mastered the art of drawing or sketching or you simply love to doodle, capture your musings forever in this gorgeous leather art journal. Inspiration can come at any time, so when you need to get pen to paper this refillable art journal has everything you need in one place. For immediate accessibility your pens or pencils can be individually stored within the leather cover and the leather book wrap secures your cotton paper notebook and tools in one compact place. 

Size: A5

This paper, though soft, is also strong. It can be used for 

  • sketching,
  • drawing,
  • landscape planning,
  • watercolour painting,
  • kids art journal,
  • colourful or collage journalling,
  • poetry. 

These products are handmade, they are unique and therefore may vary in colour, shade and natural grain. Colours may also vary from the product image due to the colour display of different monitors.

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