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Pant . Sav Linen Pant . Two Tone

Pant . Sav Linen Pant . Two Tone

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Linen wide leg pant in two-tone linen.

The Sav Pant is a wide leg, full-length pant in two-tone French linen. The waistband has a flat front and an elastic back for ease. The pant features slight gathers below the waistband at the front, fuller gathers at the back, and front side seam welt pockets. Crafted from linen, this pant is durable and breathable, and softens with wear.

  • Wide leg, full-length pant
  • Two-tone French linen
  • Flat front waistband with an elastic back
  • Slight gathers below the waistband at the front
  • Fuller gathers at the back
  • Front side seam welt pockets


    100% Linen

    This garment has been crafted from 100% French Linen, a natural fibre from flax grown in the northern regions of France.

    Linen is a light, breathable fabric that is durable and strong. It wrinkles easily which is part of its appeal, it is easy to care for and becomes softer with age and wear.

    Flax is a highly productive crop requiring minimal water, herbicides or pesticides to grow, making it a better environmental choice than many other natural fibres, such as conventionally grown cotton.

    Linen is a renewable and biodegradable fibre.


    • Full Length
    • Regular fit waist
    • Elastic back waistband
    • Relaxed fit hip
    • Full, wide leg opening
    • Key measurements to check are the waist, waist stretched, hip and length

    All garments are measured flat (not on body) and then doubled (except the length) to calculate the total circumference. To work out what size will suit you best, flat measure an item that fits you well and use this as a guide. Please contact us if you have any questions or need more information.

    Approximate waist measurement:
    6: 33cm
    8: 35.5cm
    10: 38cm
    12: 40.5cm
    14: 43cm
    16: 45.5cm

    18: 48cm
    20: 50.5cm

    Approximate waist measurement (stretched):
    6: 48cm
    8: 50.5cm
    10: 53cm
    12: 55.5cm
    14: 58cm
    16: 60.5cm
    18: 63cm
    20: 65.5cm

    Approximate hip measurement:
    6: 55cm
    8: 57.5cm
    10: 60cm
    12: 62.5cm
    14: 65cm
    16: 67.5cm

    18: 70cm
    20: 72.5cm

    Approximate length measurement:
    6: 97.8cm
    8: 98.4cm
    10: 99cm
    12: 99.6cm
    14: 100.2cm
    16: 100.8cm
    18: 101.4cm
    20: 102cm


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