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Sensory : Glass Oil Burner . Smoke

Sensory : Glass Oil Burner . Smoke

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This elegant burner is formed from precision crafted, shock-resistant borosilicate glass in two pieces. The transparent structure bathes its surroundings in a soft glow when lit.

Use it with blends of 100% pure essential oils which are sold separately.

Measures 15.5cm deep x 10.0cm high

Made of Borosilicate glass. 

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Fill the base of Oil Burner with 1cm of water. Place a new tea candle in centre of base so that candle is partially submerged.Light candle and securely position top reservoir on base making sure candle flame vents through centre of the chimney. Fill reservoir with water and add 5-10 drops of your chosen essential oil.Continue to top up reservoir and base as water evaporates. Do not let either area burn dry. Extinguish tea candle before wax burns to base.

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