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Turkish Towel . Kalkadoon . Charcoal

Turkish Towel . Kalkadoon . Charcoal

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This towel is one from a special collaboration with the artists from Cungelella Art. Four sisters creating beauty from their home, Kalkatungu country. 

Glenda McCulloch has painted the unique artwork you now see woven onto the Kalkadoon towel. Emu tracks, spinifex, waterholes and more feature in this incredible artwork, representing the land it was created on. 

It's now an piece of art you can own, whether as a towel, a throw or to hang from your wall; a beautiful piece of Australian Indigenous usable art.

A percentage of every sale will go back to Cungelella Art to encourage the work of these wonderful artists - Glenda, Dale, Cheryl and Jaunita - to continue. 

This premium beach towel is... 

Made using Oeko-Tex® certified yarn

100% Natural Cotton - Made in Turkey

90cm x 175cm

Colour: Black base with artwork by Glenda McCulloch

Weight: 450g

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